Tuesday, 25 November 2014


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Firstly, apologies for the brief hiatus; currently trying to fight off the second bout of flu within a five week period. Clearly my immune system is not on top form at the moment! So in the mean time here is some weekly inspiration, a post that I have been thinking about having as a weekly feature on ze blog. This week I'm currently lusting after over sized silhouettes, Adidas super stars, turtle neck knits and lots of faux fur texture. Enjoy!


Sunday, 16 November 2014

T H E U L T I M A T E S U N D A Y H A N G O V E R.

white teddy robe- TOPSHOP, pia wallen cross blanket throw- HAUS, diptyque- LIBERTY, lounge top- TOPSHOP, lounge pants- TOPSHOP, panda eye mask- URBAN OUTFITTERS, the violet magazine- NEWSSTAND, gran linen pillow- FINE, jo malone diffuser- SELFRIDGES, herman stripe cushion- CITTA DESIGN, eve lom cleanser- SPACE NK, eve lom rescue mask- SPACE NK

Sunday's hangover proved way too much effort for me to finish my 'november hitlist' that I had started the day before in Photoshop- this is something I will eventually get round to posting! I get way too ocd when it comes to anything creative, however still wanting to throw some kind of mood board together, I discovered my new friend- meet Polyvore (if you haven't already!). I've seen it cited on other blog's, but since I'm one of those who likes to stick to what they know, I never realised how valuable a tool it would prove to be.
The overall theme predominantly ended up being based on all the dreamy home comforts that I was craving in my current state of feeling sorry for myself. After 3 months of waiting, last night a group of friends and I finally got to go to bugged out at the warehouse project, which is back at store street this season round- for one year only! and boy did it live up to expectation. However 7 hours later and at 5am in the morning all I could think was, I need my bed and fluffy dressing gown!
Hopefully my dreamy wish list has provided some comfort to you to, hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Friday, 7 November 2014

S H A D E S O F B L U E.

Coat- MANGO, Jumper- Topshop (old), Skirt- Zara similiar HERE, Boots- TOPSHOP, Bag- Zara similiar HERE.

Every year when autumn/winter creeps upon us, I subconsciously go into auto pilot in the bid of finding the perfect winter coat and boots. This time round I got pretty lucky to come across both items so early on in the season. Usually I am that critical as to what deems as the 'ideal' compromise of quality and the right price; that by the time I make my mind up I have either run out of funds or the wanted item has sold out. Which is basically what happened to me during the Alexander Wang/H&M frenzy that was yesterday- a topic that we will just try to forget about for now.
The coat in question has pretty much been swaddling me ever since I purchased it a few weeks back when MANGO had a 30% off coats and knitwear promotion and since I had already lusted after it when the Market Street store had just reopened I immediately had to snap it up! I will of course be featuring it again in upcoming posts in more detail. As for the boots, they were a very recent pay day purchase that I spotted online the day before and mainly bought them on impulse. However they are literally so comfy, have the ideal heel height for all day wear and feature the right amount of point that i had been looking for, so I am super happy with my purchase. So much so I now want them in the patent black option now as well!

So on Wednesday, armed with my new coat and boots and faced with a super sunny winter's day, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to test drive my new babies. I'm really enjoying blue hues as an alternative to black at the moment and as my coat is the most gorgeous shade of blue-grey, I opted for my jacquard Zara skirt and impulsively teamed it with a super old Topshop jumper that I wore back to front as an experiment and love the combination so much so, that I am no longer going to sell this forgotten gem on depop- well for now anyway. To finish the look off I grabbed my trusted Zara leather chain bag and popped on some black tights last minute as I know how deceiving winter sun can be especially in Manchester- it was bladdy freezing btw! I had so much fun on our little walk around a nearby park though, even more so when the sunshine was beaming down on me. It has to be said that the new booties were probably not the most sensible choice of footwear, especially when it came to walking over planks of wood covered in nails; in spite of this minor error in judgement, they did shelter my feet from the chill and they do look ahhh-mazing on.
Anyone else managed to find the perfect coat and boots for A/W'14 yet?!


Thursday, 6 November 2014

F I R S T O F M A N Y.

Hi there! Firstly welcome to 'ohh my elle', a blog that I am still in the midst of setting up so you will have to bear with me. As the blog name suggests, yes it is a play on words using my name sake. I am hoping to use 'ohh my elle' as a virtual mood board to collect, communicate and everything that interests and inspires me, with a direct focus on fashion, general lifestyle and my own personal style. So watch this space. Btw as you can probably guess, I am completely new to this blogging malarky so any advice or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!