Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Dress- YUMI, Shoes- ZARA (sale)

So in my last post I mentioned that I had ventured up to Scotland for a few days the other week. Grant's Mum and partner moved into the most idyllic house situated on the Scottish borders, just over a couple of years ago. It's almost as if someone decided to plonk a decent sized one floor house/cottage with 2 acres of back garden, literally in the middle of one massive stretch of windy country road. Also there is pretty much no signal within a 5 mile radius so it's pretty much bliss for the few days that we get to stay there for.

On the last day of our stay, it was super sunny outside, the sky was clear blue and as always I got excited and dug out a new dress from under the piles of jumpers in my overnight bag. I'd bought it a couple of days ago as part of my work uniform, but wanted an excuse to wear it. Obviously it was bloody freezing outside so didn't go bare legged for too long. Hence why these pictures were taken in the 'gym room'. As the ceiling was pretty low, I somehow look giant in comparison and because of the overall styling of the room and what I'm wearing I almost look like i'm in a doll house. Do you like my fellow companion btw?! Obviously Kale heard what we were up to from the next room and wanted a piece of the action. Who can blame her though, she's more photogenic than I am.
Anyway once Spring finally rears it's pretty head, I think this dress would be perfect bare legged and paired with some flats for work and for a more off duty style I'd wear a fedora, suede jacket, ankle boots and a fringed bag. At the moment I've been wearing it with tights and my COS jumper over the top to ward off the cold while in work.

I think the vintage style ditsy print and overall darker colour way make this dress a great transitional piece and the cute collar gives off a slight sixties vibe. Here I have just pared it with my fave flats which I picked up towards the end of the Zara sale for a mere £30 which I think is pretty good going for real leather and I absolutely adore the stud details. I've not been able to wear them as much as I'd like though, as they have proved to be seriously hard work when breaking them in as you can probably tell by the state of my ankles. Does anyone else have a hard time breaking in new flats? I hope it's not just me...might revert back to trainers next time!

P.S.apologies for awful hair, I didn't have access to a hairdryer so had to towel dry...boohoo.