Sunday, 18 January 2015


 fedora-TOPSHOP // cream knitted jumper- YUMI // ashby jeans (aw 13)- ALLSAINTS //
black wellies- HUNTER @ HOUSE OF FRASER //bag (ss 14)- ZARA // coat- MANGO

The phrase 'lazy Sundays' is frequently used between me and the other half, especially during the dark and colder days of the year, when we love nothing more than hibernating on the sofa, watching Sheldon Cooper and eating ourselves into a food coma.  For a change though, today the boyfriend and I decided to shake off some cob webs and venture out for a winter walk around one of our favourite local haunts- Alderly Edge woods. On an average summer's day by British standards, this particular spot is pretty magical to walk through- covered in pure white snow, even more so. Now usually I am not one of those people that gets overly excited by the sight of snow, as snow plus me results in bambi on ice. 

However today's little walk around the woods was more like something out of Narnia and thanks to my Hunter's in 'original gloss', my feet stayed firmly on the ground. As well as my sensible choice of foot wear, I changed out of my denim skirt into jeans at the last minute, while still keeping my pair of tights and two pairs of socks on underneath. Now this is not something I intended to pair together, I was just being lazy by keeping the tights and socks on, however I would highly recommend it. Considering it was minus one degrees, I managed a good 40 minutes before my feet started to feel sever coldness, which I think is pretty good going! I also wrapped up warm on top pairing a pink pure lambswool fine knit jumper underneath my cream thick knitted bobble jumper from YUMI, which I purchased from work the other day. Initially I had told myself that I was to refrain from buying anymore wintry garms in the sale, however I was in desperate need of a new jumper for work due to a problem with the pipes which has resulted in a major lack of heating. This one is perfect as although plain in colour, consists of a chunky knit and is adorned with bobbles and lace for added texture and interest. Also I have always had a massive thing for cream and white knits paired with light denim washes. I think it makes an ideal pairing for cosy and casual off duty style.  

Of course my favourite coat was thrown on top along with my trusty Zara bag- I do own more than one bag btw, it's just too much effort for me to keep transferring all my day stuff from one bag to another! As I didn't opt for my hooded coat today, I made sure I popped my topshop fedora on, to try to ward off the chill. I think the only thing that I was missing today was gloves. I am still yet to find the perfect pair of gloves that are not to restrictive or too long (I have very dainty hands). I don't want to have to take them off every time I need to brush my hair of my face or I need to get into my hand bag- surely that would be defeating the point right?! So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Sunday!



  1. This outfit looks so so snug and cosy, gorgeous!

    Just found your blog and I love it!!!

    Stephi LaReine x

  2. Great outfit. I love the hat.
    Beautiful photos - the snow makes everything look so pretty.

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  3. This is so cute! I love your style and your outfit looks even better against the snow covered trees!

    -Magenta x

  4. These photos are beautiful! Really love your fedora as well

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  5. This is divine, you look absolutely beautiful Elle x

  6. Gorgeous photo's in the snow, I love this outfit! xo

  7. I've just recently found your blog and have really been loving it. This outfit is so warm and cozy looking and your photos are just beautiful - I wish it snowed where I'm from (at the moment we're in the middle of summer and a heat wave!)

    I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award which is basically a little question and answer post to spread the love amongst bloggers and is a great way to find new blogs! If you're interested in doing it all the info is in my most recent post :)

    Lauren xx

  8. beautiful photos, great outfit

    Vanessa xx

  9. Gorgeous photos with a great outfit to match, love the hat x

  10. Looks great! Love the pics :)

  11. ahhh love the last photograph a lot - so creative! Well done! Liuba x